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Tami Stroud​
Founder, Starry Living

Tami Stroud is a fertility awareness educator with a passion for Femtech. She has worked as a doula and childbirth educator, and has over 10 years experience with various Fertility Awareness Based Methods (FABMs), including the Sympto-Thermal Method, Ecological Breastfeeding, Sympto-Hormonal, and more. Living abroad has given her opportunities to attend births and gain experience in a number of countries and cultures.

She currently offers fertility awareness instruction, and boasts a wealth of experiential knowledge on how Femtech can make technology work for and empower women. She’s an adept researcher and has a passion for seeking out ways that Femtech can help women make informed choices about their fertility. She also holds a Bachelor of Education degree and has taught, coached, and mentored women in various capacities for the last eight years. 

Tami is also the founder of Starry Living, and fertility awareness is just one facet of this unconventional way of life. “Starry living” is all about embracing and seeking the aspects of life that make your life beautiful, purposeful, and transcendent — about making intentional, sometimes difficult choices that cast off the unneeded and unnecessary and allow you to embrace the practical and that which truly fulfills. Through her website, blog posts, and social media, Tami shares her experience of living an unconventional, good life and she has a passion for helping others cultivate “starry living” in their own lives. 

Tami embraces “starry living” in her own life as a Christian wife of 20 years and mother of six children. She and her family are originally from Atlanta, GA, USA, but have spent the last nine years living the life of global nomads. The Stroud family has lived in various places around the globe, including the Middle East, a remote, Native Alaskan village, and now most recently, Tokyo, Japan. She has an enthusiastic love of natural learning through homeschooling and works to cultivate a worldschooling education for her own children. 

Tami’s work through Starry Living seeks to encompass all these various modalities to help women and families find practical ways to live thriving lives.