Contact Info
Megan McNamara​
Fertility Awareness Instructor Founder, FAMtastic Fertility, LLC

Megan is a certified Fertility Awareness educator (FEMM / teenFEMM) and the founder of FAMtastic Fertility, LLC.

She loves helping people take charge of their health, connect with their cycles and master fertility awareness charting through online courses so they can effectively use FAM as their primary method of birth control, and be their own health advocates in getting the care they deserve.

She also Co-created The Cervical Mucus Project: an innovative resource devoted to breaking taboo and spreading awareness about cervical mucus for fertility awareness learners and educators alike.

Megan holds a BA degree in Human Development & Family Studies from the University of Connecticut, focusing on communication, intimate relationships, and child development.

In her downtime, she loves hiking, strength training, traveling with her partner + sneaking fertility awareness into normal conversations.