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Mandy Cox, BA, CFCE
Director of SG FertilityCare Services, LLC, CO-Founder of WholeLife Authentic Care

Having a passion for the dignity of life and authentic healthcare for women, Mandy has been an advocate for women through education and action. She has been a FertilityCare Practitioner for over 17 years, working with women and couples to understand and appreciate their bodies.

She has been a Certified FertilityCare Educator for over 10 years, training new FertilityCare Practitioners to spread authentic client education through the Creighton Model FertilityCare System.

Seeing the dramatic need for access to pro-life healthcare, she co-founded an effort to build an independent non-profit healthcare clinic, WholeLife Authentic Care.

Mandy lives in Colorado with her husband, John, and their five children. She is always excited to help women understand the beauty of their bodies and fertility.