Dr. Pilar Vigil

Obstetrics/Gynecology, Reproductive Physiology (PhD), FEMM Medical Training

Ovulation: The Little-Known Vital Health Indicator

In this epic deep dive into the sequential events leading up to ovulation, Dr. Pilar Vigil reveals the what, why, and how this is not just a function of reproduction: ovulation is a key indicator and remarkably reliable sign of health.

Dr. Brooke Kalanick

Licensed Naturopathic Doctor, Women's Hormone Expert

​Stress and Your Cycle: What Stress Does to your Body and What You Can Do To Fix It

Dr Brooke specializes in finding root causes of serious symptoms and supports her clients back to vitality with surprisingly simple lifestyle shifts. This session is full of common-sense wisdom for how you can finally work with your life, metabolism, and hormones instead of fighting against them.

Dr. Marguerite Duane

Executive Director of FACTS

Why It Feels Like Your Doctor “Doesn’t Get It”

Dr. Marguerite Duane has done extensive research inside and outside of medical schools. She is familiar with the experience that millions of women have in their doctor’s office. If you’ve wondered why most doctors don’t seem to understand the importance of the cycle, you don’t want to miss this session.

Elisa Yao, M.D.​

Founder of Fertility Breakthru Academy

Can You Bio-Hack Egg Quality?

Dr. Elisa Yao brings her extensive medical and personal experience for those wanting to ‘dial back the biological clock’ and bio-hack egg quality. In this session you’ll learn why AMH measurement isn’t the only marker that matters, signs of egg health (including clues you can uncover yourself in charting), the biomarkers for ovarian reserve (how many eggs are left,) and natural methods to improve egg quality in record time.

Karen Poehailos​, MD, CFCMC

Family Physician; Regional Medical Director at ThriVe Central VA Women's Healthcare

Progesterone & Pregnancy: Rethinking The Normalcy of Miscarriage

Progesterone is key to menstrual cycle health and vital to sustaining a healthy pregnancy through complete gestation. Culturally we often act as though early miscarriages are ‘common,’ or even that it’s ‘normal to have a few’. Dr. Karen Poehailos describes the effective, restorative approach that challenges that standard of care. Learn why even one miscarriage is too many and what you can do about it.

Naomi Whittaker​


Postpartum Depression and Anxiety – A Restorative Approach to Recovery

An estimated one in seven women suffer from depression in the year after giving birth—and most mothers do not get help. What exactly is postpartum depression—is there a known cause? Naomi Whittaker outlines the mainstream western approach to Postpartum Depression and Anxiety before revealing how she has learned to work cooperatively with a woman’s body to treat the underlying causes and improve mental health.

Allison Jung​, PA, FCP, NFPMC

Founder of Revive FertilityCare

Perimenopause Charting, Hormones and Supplementation—Oh My!

Learn exactly what women can expect in their bodies and on their charts into their 40s and 50s. Learn how to prepare for menopause with holistic solutions for the cause of symptoms. A restorative, cooperative perspective offers hope and empowerment for this inevitable season and is a refreshing alternative to the routine cover-ups involving artificial hormones, painkillers, and antidepressants.

Molly Daley, Santiago Molina


Sex Ed Rebooted: A New Approach to Teen Sexuality

Most women don’t have empowering memories of sex ed class in school or their first menstruation experience. This session discusses the impact of changing the way we approach teen sexuality — and how empowering young people from the beginning with full knowledge about their bodies in a positive way has incredible results.

Dr. Martin Owen​

Founder and CMO of Vitae Medical Solutions

Fertility as a Shared Gift: Reproductive and Hormonal Health in Men

Wait– do men have a cycle!? Get surprising info on the ‘male cycle’ and important signs of reproductive and hormonal health in men. With male infertility rising, learn why a cooperative approach to fertility is important for couples’ mindsets and healthcare strategies.

Sammi Ratcliffe​


Fertility Awareness Methods Overview: Discover Which One is Right For You

With so many different fertility awareness based charting methods to choose from, deciding which method is the best fit for you right now can be daunting. Sammi Ratcliffe brings her experience working with women of every life stage with different health statuses, fertility goals, and personal convictions to help you discern which method is right for you.

Joseph Stanford​

Professor University of Utah

What Can We Really Know About The Effectiveness of Fertility-Awareness Based Methods?

What research do we have on how effective fertility awareness based methods are for spacing pregnancy? Is it even possible to compare effectiveness between methods based on the data? Professor Joseph Stanford translates research and statistics terms into understandable language in this fascinating session.

Teresa Kenney​

Women's Health Nurse Practitioner, Sancta Familia Medical, Saint Paul VI Institute

How to Recognize Normal vs. Abnormal Cycle Patterns

Learn what’s normal and abnormal during the menstrual cycle, root causes of abnormalities, and what can be done about it. Get an overview of what a “normal” cycle should look like with detailed insights on issues like pain and discomfort, spotting, and cycle phase length — from menarche through perimenopause.

Dr. Garry W. Lambert​, D.O

Founder of Anemos Medical Consulting and Natural Fertility Care

Introduction To Acupuncture As A Complementary Treatment For SubFertility

We are beginning to see a solid revolution in women’s health care. Women taking control of their own journey to healing and doctors and other wellness providers are responding and searching for ways in which to truly serve their patients. In this session, Dr. Lambert discusses how he reached out to eastern medicine to fill a hole he found in his fertility restoration practice and how he now integrates acupuncture as a beautiful compliment to western medicine.

Dr. Paul Yong​


The Endometriosis Enigma

It’s estimated that out of every ten women has this mysterious disease and Dr. Paul Yong claims he is often connected with patients after they’ve suffered for up to 12 years before receiving a proper diagnosis. Don’t miss this epic session on endometriosis: we’re racing through the conditions variety of symptoms—how it can still wreak havoc in your body with no perceivable symptoms, how it’s properly diagnosed, what to look for your cycle charting, available treatments, alternative approaches to surgery, and more!

Dr. Phil Boyle​

Founder, NeoFertility

The Truth About Reduced Ovarian Reserve and AMH

If you have been told that you have too few eggs and your only hope is IVF, this session is for you. AMH gets a lot of concern and attention in the world of navigating infertility. But are these numbers actually meaningful and is there still hope for very low numbers? Especially when you’re trying to conceive naturally? Dr. Boyle walks through understanding AMH and how restorative support can help women with even the lowest numbers to conceive naturally.

Pierre Cloutier​

Dr Pierre Cloutier Inc

The Importance of Testosterone and How to Supplement For Health and Fertility

This session is a deep dive into understanding testosterone and how low levels can affect many areas of a man’s health – not just fertility. Dr. Pierre Cloutier discusses how to accurately test, naturally increase testosterone, and safely supplement this vital male hormone.

Dr. Maria del Pilar Calva​ Mercado

Culture of Life Foundation

The High Tech Culture and Life Issues: A Conversation of Ethics

In this age of rapid technological growth, Dr. Maria del Pilar Calva Mercado believes it’s vital for us to have inclusive conversations about the dignity of human life across all nationalities, religion/faiths, and perspectives. Humanity’s new-found technological capacities raise fascinating and vital ethical questions which we explore in this thought-provoking session.

Dr. Rene Leiva​

Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine, University of Ottawa

Innovation in Ovulation Prediction Devices

Discover the best evidence-based makers for ovulation prediction, the gold standard for identifying ovulation, and why patterns matter more than numbers..
Understanding Fertility and Infertility
Topics Covered:
“The Truth About Reduced Ovarian Reserve and AMH” – by Dr. Phil Boyle.

Increase confidence in treating and managing successful pregnancies restoratively despite low Ovarian Reserve, and why AMH is not an important predictor when trying to conceive naturally.

“Stress and the Menstrual Cycle: the impact on the Mind and Body” – by Dr. Brooke Kalanick

Stress — its effects and what to do about it. This session provides changes providers can support patients to take to improve their metabolism, hormones and overall quality of life.

“One Egg is Enough” – by Dr. Phil Boyle.

Low AMH? Yes, it just takes one egg. Learn why using AMH as a diagnostic tool in predicting fertility isn’t a meaningful marker in Restorative Reproductive Medicine.

“Progesterone & Pregnancy – Rethinking The Normalcy of Miscarriage” – by Karen D. Poehailos

Progesterone is key to menstrual cycle health and vital to sustaining a healthy pregnancy through complete gestation. Dr. Karen Poehailos describes the effective, restorative approach that challenges the standard of care for recurrent miscarriage.

“Introduction To Acupuncture As A Complementary Treatment For SubFertility” – by Garry W. Lambert

Explore the collaborative approach acupuncture can play in reproductive health during the diagnostic and treatment process, and consider the evidence to support the potential effectiveness of acupuncture as a complementary or adjunct treatment in reproductive health and overall wellness.

“Can You Bio-Hack Egg Quality?” – Elisa Yao

In this session you’ll learn why AMH measurement isn’t the only marker that matters, signs of egg health (including clues patent’s can be taught to uncover through charting), the biomarkers for ovarian reserve as well as natural methods to improve egg quality.